Lifestyle Strategies to Control Your Fibroids

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For women living with uterine fibroids, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is a range of treatment options that can help you control your symptoms, including many that offer an alternative to hysterectomy in Atlanta. Lifestyle changes are effective at helping many women manage their fibroids; continue reading for a look at some that your doctor may suggest you try, especially if your symptoms are mild.

A healthy diet can play a big role in helping to manage fibroid related symptoms. Fibroids grow with estrogen stimulation. That is why they will often grow rapidly during pregnancy and why they tend not to be an issue for women in menopause.

Therefore, an anti-estrogen approach is helpful. Exercise and weight loss are important as body fat is a secondary source of estrogen. A healthy diet of colored fruits and vegetables is also very helpful. These foods contain flavonoids which contain an important enzyme that blocks estrogen production. While it is impossible to avoid all of the hormones present in our food supply, limiting your intake of red meat, chicken, and dairy products will also be helpful. Certain soy products can be a helpful substitute. They contain phytoestrogens which compete for the same receptors as estrogen and can block its production.

If you've been managing your fibroids through lifestyle strategies and you begin to experience symptoms, talk to an experienced Interventional Radiologist about other treatment options, such as uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).

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